All subscriptions include full access to the website-management software and the integrated newsletter application. They also include the infrastructure required to host your website, managed and supported by the company that developed the software.
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Website-management software
Newsletter software
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Monthly fee (per server)€ 99€ 149€ 249€ 349

The terms of service apply to all subscriptions. All prices are in euros and excluding VAT. The minimum contract period is just 30 days, but customers that pay for 12 months in advance receive a 10% discount. The limits are per server. You can add multiple servers to your subscription to support large sites or for additional speed and redundancy. There is no initial setup fee. The website-management software provided by is licensed under the free Apache License, so you're only paying for infrastructure and support.

What type of subscription does my website need?

The basic subscription provides a copy of the website-management software hosted on an entry-level server. This server is suitable for small sites that receive a few thousand visitors a month. The standard package is ideal for websites with over ten thousand visitors a month and the premium and large servers are intended for high-traffic websites. Because of the short contract duration, you can always optimize your subscription as your needs change. will help you pick the right deployment scenario for your website, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

High-traffic and redundant deployments

A single server deployment is more than enough for a small to medium size website. When your site grows you don't necessarily need to scale vertically by getting a bigger server, you can also scale horizontally by adding extra servers to your subscription. Extra servers provide redundancy and additional performance. They can be placed in separate data centers in different geographical locations. This makes a complete outage of your website a very unlikely event. The website-management software is designed for multiple server deployments and supports large websites. also offers flexible servers to deal with traffic variations that are a cheaper alternative to additional full-time servers for incidental traffic spikes.