Free, open source website-management software has a strong commitment to free, open source software. The company takes pride in retaining customers because they value and trust the service. Not because it would be too much of a hassle to switch. As free software developers, we strongly appreciate the fact that we are standing on the shoulders of giants. Without the efforts of the free software community our work would never be the same. This means it is only fair to give back and share our work according to the same principles.

The website-management software developed by the company is freely available under the Apache License, version 2.0. Other software development efforts are also made available under a free license. also requires a free, open source license from any third-party software that is used to provide the service. Otherwise the software wouldn't truly be open.

What is free, open source software?

Free software and open source have slightly different definitions, but both apply to the website-management software developed by In essence it is all about freedom. The freedom to be able to study the source code of an application, but also the freedom to make changes and freely distribute those as well as the original program. This isn't only important for programmers. Regular users enjoy the same freedoms and even if they don't program themselves, they can hire programmers to make changes for them without having to ask for permission from the original author of the application.

Why does 'free, open source software' matter to me as a customer?

Vendor lock-in, which means that switching to another provider is prohibitively expensive or would mean losing your data in the process, is a real problem with proprietary software. This is true for traditional software, but when your data is "in the cloud" data portability is an additional concern. For mission-critical systems like the company website this simply isn't acceptable. You need to be able to move everything, without having to worry about licenses or data portability. Providing first-class support and maintaining customer satisfaction are real priorities at With a free license, customers stick with the company because they're happy with the service, not because it is too much of a hassle to switch to another provider or even manage everything in-house. succeeds by consistently adding value, while the customer is in control.

How does make money if the software is free?

Free software is about freedom, not about price. Professional users still need hosting, support and maintenance contracts. provides these services for a fee, even if the source code of the software itself is freely available. This means that users keep their freedom, while has a sustainable revenue stream that will allow the company to stick around in the long term.