Website-management hosting infrastructure targets professional users that require a robust and reliable website. This is also reflected in the hosting infrastructure that is used to provide the website-management software. The application is designed to support multiple servers for every website, because this is a requirement for high-traffic environments where redundancy matters. Even the smallest subscription includes a private server that is fully reserved for your own website.

Providers rents servers and other infrastructure from multiple providers. The primary supplier is Amazon Web Services, which provides DNS infrastructure, the Content Delivery Network and servers in data centers across the globe. The website-management software is also compatible with other providers, like Linode and CloudSigma, which means that we don't have to rely on a single company. Together, these providers have over a dozen data centers we can pick from in Europe, the United States, South America and Asia.

Reliable mail doesn't provide email accounts to customers, but sends a large amount of mail because of the newsletter application that is integrated with the website-management software. Sending email reliably is hard, because modern spam-filters are finicky. makes sure that your email messages are delivered and provides detailed tracking information as well as performance statistics with Google Analytics integration.


All data uploaded to the website-management software is stored in an Apache CouchDB database. One of the best features of this database system is the effortless replication functionality, which is used to synchronize the data between servers. uses this functionality to offer multiple server deployments, but also to make backups. The database is automatically replicated to a central backup server in a different data center and this server is also backed up in the form of periodic snapshots of the filesystem. Customers with multiple servers in their subscription also get an additional backup machine with every server they add, because they are all copies of each other.

Custom infrastructure

The cloud infrastructure used by generally offers the best price-performance ratio, but it is also possible to deploy on custom infrastructure. This is relevant for customers that have previously invested in server hardware, for example, or want their own in-house team to have access to the servers. If you want to do things differently will work with you to make that happen. We can deploy on your own hardware, on the infrastructure of a provider of your own choosing or in another custom way. Unlike most cloud companies offers a service based on free, open source software. There are no proprietary secrets that prevent you from running the code in-house or on the infrastructure of your preferred provider. Please get in touch if you have questions about custom deployments.