Flexible servers

Website traffic can be hard to predict. You might see a sudden traffic spike when your site is mentioned on a high-profile website. Some sites also have significant traffic variations that are more predictable. A lot of people might visit your site right after sending the weekly newsletter. You could add so many servers to your subscription that you are ready for anything, but flexible servers are a cheaper and more efficient way to deal with traffic variations.

What are flexible servers?

With a subscription to the Vixu.com website-management service you always get a private server for your website. These regular servers are billed on a 30-day interval. You can rent as many regular servers as you need to power your website. Vixu.com also offers flexible servers. These servers are billed on an hourly basis and only activated when you actually need them. As soon as the traffic spike is over they are turned off again. Enabling flexible servers means that you're ready to deal with traffic variations, while only paying for the resources you actually use.


Monthly fee to enable flexible servers: € 50

Hourly fee per extra server

Standard: € 0.30
Premium: € 0.50
Large: € 0.80

All prices are in euros and excluding VAT. The hourly fee depends on the server size you picked in your subscription. If you're using premium servers, for example, the system will launch additional premium instances on a flexible basis. Basic servers aren't available on an hourly basis, because they are too small to deal with unexpected traffic. You can still enable the flexible server option when you're on a basic subscription, but the system will launch standard instances when you need extra machines.

Flexible servers costs aren't fully predictable, of course, because they are launched in reaction to unexpected traffic surges. You're still in control, however. You can set a monthly cap on the amount of extra resources you want to consume and can disable this option in the control panel at any time. Flexible servers are really just meant for traffic variations that don't warrant an extra full-time server. If you are using a lot of flexible resources it is cheaper to just add another regular server to your subscription. Full-time servers also provide redundancy and are always ready, while flexible servers need to be booted up before they are activated.