Website-management software features

Some features are still a work in progress, but the stable core of the website-management application is finished and already deployed on several websites. Customers get a fast, usable website straight away, but also get to have a say in the development process. listens to your feedback and suggestions. This is a rare opportunity to have a real influence, without paying extra for custom software.

User-friendly, visual editor

There is a straightforward, user-friendly web-page editor which should feel like a familiar environment to anyone who has ever used a rich web application. In fact, the web-page editor is similar to Gmail and built with an open source library originally developed by Google.

Control over the whole page

You don't just get to edit the main text of the web-page, but also have real control over the page as a whole. You can add related pages or images that appear in a side-bar, for example. This ensures a rich experience for your visitors.

Customizable menu

You fully control the navigational menu of your website. You can add pages as well as sub-categories. The order of the links can be changed through drag-and-drop. According to Caroline Zaegel, who is responsible for managing the Beelden aan Zee website, this feature is even "a lot of fun to play with".

Drag-and-drop image management

Publishing images is a matter of drag-and-drop. You can drag pictures from your computer to the administrative back-end of the website-management software and they are automatically uploaded for you. You can also drag images into the web-page editor to publish them on the website.

Multilingual, internationalized websites

The website-management software comes with support for multilingual websites. You can even have different templates for other languages and customize the look-and-feel. You can also add servers that are hosted on different continents to your subscription and optimize loading times across the globe.

Integrated newsletter application

A digital newsletter is a great way to engage your visitors and establish a long-term relationship. is building newsletter software that is integrated with the website-management application. You get detailed statistics with successful delivery reports, bounces, and rejected messages. You can see which users are opening your newsletter. also offers click tracking integrated with your Google Analytics account.

Webshop (in development) has big plans for providing e-commerce functionality. This feature isn't ready yet, unlike the other functionality mentioned on this page, but will be in the near future. Please get in touch if you are in need of a reliable webshop application, because we'd love to work with you to make sure it fits your needs exactly!

What isn't included? builds software and provides infrastructure and support. Please get in touch if you need a software-related feature that isn't listed here, because we're always happy to work with customers on feature requests. does not provide graphical design, email accounts or domain registration services, but we'll happily set you up with one of our recommended partners for any of these services.