About Vixu.com

Vixu.com is a small company based in the Netherlands and a subsidiary of Net Collective. Our goal is to provide software, infrastructure, support and general expertise that helps you to manage your website more effectively and sell more products online.


Vixu.com was launched in 2012, but has roots going back to 2002, which is when Net Collective was founded. Originally, Net Collective was a website hosting and internet consultancy company. We have worked for a wide range of clients, from politicians to popular musicians and from small local businesses to large government agencies. This has been a rewarding experience, but as the company matured the goals changed from working on one-off consultancy projects to building a business that scales. Vixu.com is the result of this change of direction. The software written by Vixu.com leans heavily on the experience gained from over a decade of building custom websites for clients, but is useful for every website project, instead of just a single use-case.


Vixu.com is a small startup company with strong values. Google already laid claim to "don't be evil", which is something to aspire to. Vixu.com tries to be more specific. The primary focus of the company is helping customers, but we also care about giving back to the free, open source software community by sharing the source code of the website-management application under a free license. Vixu.com wants to be flexible by offering short contract durations and staying far away from anything that remotely resembles vendor lock-in. Providing first-class support is also essential, since maintaining customer satisfaction is the only road to sustainable success in this market. We take pride in our work. Vixu.com builds software that is upto the highest engineering standards, but also just works.


Filip de Waard is the founder and principal engineer of the company. With over a decade of experience in business as well as software development Filip has a knack for solving difficult technical problems for customers. Filip is also active in the free, open source software community and has presented about search engine development (video) at the EuroClojure conference in London. Vixu.com is almost a one-man shop, but not quite. There is a small team of people that help out, as well as a larger group of advisers and external partners. As a young, but ambitious startup Vixu.com is growing rapidly and hoping to expand in the near future.