offers website-management software and is currently developing a webshop application. The service is available under a subscription model that includes first-class support and hosting infrastructure.


Google rankings are primarily based on the relevance of the content and the amount of incoming links. also provides a solid technical foundation that makes it easier for search engines to index your website and helps you to optimize your Google ranking.

Dedicated support is a small company and fanatical about customer service. The website-management software is designed to be straight-forward and easy to use, but in those rare cases when you need help is there for you.

Flexible takes pride in retaining customers through excellent service instead of administrative trickery. The minimum contract period is just 30 days and the service is based on open source technology, so there is no vendor lock-in.


Having a faster website results in a higher conversion. uses a combination of solid infrastructure, a high-performance technology stack and various performance enhancements to make your website stand out from the competition.

Reliable offers flexible servers that are spun up when your website experiences a sudden traffic surge. Customers that require a high level of reliability can also deploy extra servers on different continents, making a complete outage an extremely unlikely event.

News: The EuroClojure conference posted a video of the presentation on search engine development by the principal developer of

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Website Museum Beelden aan Zee powered by website-management software screenshot. website-management software screenshot.